The harmful consequences of cigarette smoking on male fertility 


Smoking is harmful not only to your health but also to that of your loved one. Passive smokers are more affected the smoker himself. Smoking might seem cold and adventurous, but the after-effects are irreversible and dangerous. What might start like a once in a lifetime trial can extend and become a deadly habit. Beware, once a practice, urge to smoke sticks on like a leech and sucks the life out of you. 

There are several examples of people who were chain smokers, but later regretted their inclination towards smoking, when disastrous cancer made its way to their lives. Every puff of smoke you inhale, there are thousands of healthy cells in your body getting destroyed. 

Dr Shweta Goswami strongly feels that smoking causes not only cancer but also emphysema, cardiovascular diseases, nervous system related disorders, autoimmune disease and many more. What most of the people are not aware of is the fact that cigarette smoking has harmful effects on male fertility. If more and more teens involved in cigar smoking, there might come a day, in the far future when none of them will be able to reproduce. 

As mentioned above, cigarette smoking casts its ill effects on almost all the body parts. Amongst all, the impact of cigarette smoking on male fertility demands the most attention. That is because the future generations are at stake and males addicted to smoking are ruining the life of their life partners in addition to theirs. Smoking, without their knowledge, has become their way of life. 

Primary factors of male infertility are premature ejaculation, certain genetic conditions, azoospermia, poor quality semen, defective sperms, underdeveloped reproductive system and the list goes on. Amongst all these, many are directly or indirectly influenced by cigarette smoking. 

Why are healthy sperms essential? 

The sperms are deciding factors when it comes to the sex of the baby; it’s physical and mental health. As sperm encapsulates the whole genome in its head, healthy ones are vital for successful fertilization of the egg which later develops into an embryo. Even though a small drop of semen might contain millions of sperm, all of them are not capable of reaching the egg. Therefore, healthy sperm count is an essential factor as the baby who later inherits genes from both its parents, damage to the genome carried by the sperm directly affects the developing foetus. 

Bad influence of cigarette smoking on male fertility:

1. Premature ejaculation 

The condition in men, where the semen ejects out without their control, is addressed as premature ejaculation. Even though an actual cause has not been found for this issue, many health experts suspect that cigarette smoking might be one of the culprits.

2. Sperm density 

Cigarette smoking affects male infertility because it decreases the number of sperms present per millilitre of semen produced. As all sperms are incapable of fertilizing the egg, more sperm cells per millilitre of semen increase chances of conceiving a child. 

3. Defective sperms

The body of the sperm is broadly divided as head and tail. The head holds the genome copy of the male and x or y chromosome, which decides the gender of the foetus to be fertilized. The rear facilitates the movement of the sperm through the reproductive canal of the female system. Cigars contain tobacco and other toxins which react with the chemical nature of the sperm. 

This directly affects the chemical composition of the sperm resulting in mentally or physically challenged children. When the sperm motility is affected, sperm cells fail to reach the egg, thereby decreasing the fertilization chances. This is how cigarette smoking adversely affects male fertility. 

4. Females as passive smokers 

When the male partner smokes, their female partners inhale the smoke too. This indirectly affects women’s ability to reproduce. The toxins inhaled, affects the lining of the uterus and makes it unsuitable for fertilization of an egg. Inability to conceive a baby deteriorates the intimate relationship between the couple. 

In many parts of the world, even to this day, females alone are blamed for not conceiving a child. In most cases, the problem roots down to the male impotence. Matter of factly, male infertility often doesn’t show any symptoms. The only way it is discovered is when a couple isn’t able to conceive in spite of women’s reproductive health. Effects of cigar smoking on male fertility are adverse, and if not prevented at the earliest, can surely pose as the problem of the millennial. Giving birth to healthy babies is what matters the most. 

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