The Health and the Best Diet Now


A balanced and varied diet is strongly recommended. But in practice, what does it mean? It consists of dividing your diet into 3 meals, plus a snack for children, adolescents and the elderly, and to ban snacking. Foods from all five categories are needed every day: fruits, vegetables, grain products, dairy products, meat / fish / eggs. Oily fish, almonds and nuts, olive oil, etc. are especially good for the heart and the vessels. To balance your diet, the ger site provides a lot of concrete advice.

Foods too rich in fats and sugars are to be avoided as well as those which are processed (ready meals, packaged sandwiches). Apps like Kwalito, Openfood fact, Yuka avoid the headache of labels and analyze the composition of the product. For the 아마존직구 this is important.

Exercise at least 4 days a week

No need to start a marathon, walking is enough. The WHO recommends 10,000 steps a day, which may sound scary but the cardiology federation is positive, “It may sound huge but most of us do about half, 4000-6000 in a day, normal day. That means adding 4,000 to 6,000 steps a day is enough to do 10,000, which is 30 minutes of activity.” Another possibility is to stop at a bus stop or two before your usual stop, park your car 5 minutes from home.

The most motivated will opt for a regular sport, such as swimming, cycling, running, at the rate of at least 3 sessions per week of 30 minutes at a sustained pace.

Take care of your sleep

It is also essential because studies have shown that insufficient sleep increases the risk of overweight, hypertension, diabetes, elevated triglycerides, all risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Good sleep hygiene is therefore essential to come to terms with Morphée: regular bedtime and waking hours, no screen, no physical activity or hot shower 2 hours before bedtime, no stimulants such as coffee, sleep.

Vitamin C, cola, tobacco and alcohol after 4 pm, opt for a calm activity such as reading and in case of insomnia , certain tips make it easier to fall asleep: get up and read on the sofa while waiting the first signs of sleep, listening to a boring podcast in bed,do a relaxation for example.

Stop smoking and reduce alcohol

Smoking cessation is also essential because 25% of deaths linked to smoking are of cardiovascular origin. Consulting a tobacco specialist or his doctor (general practitioner, cardiologist, pulmonologist, etc.) increases the chances of success because the follow-up is personalized and adapted to the type of physical, psychological or behavioral dependence. The Tabac info service site is extremely well done and offers e-coaching.

Alcohol is also problematic for the cardiovascular system. From now on, we recommend 2 drinks per day at most , less than 10 drinks per week, with alcohol-free days during the week … If difficulty in moderating consumption is observed, it is preferable to talk to your GP.

Get tested .

This will be an opportunity to take stock of her weight and measure her waist circumference : it must be less than 88 for a woman and 102 for a man.

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