The inputs about ayahuasca


The ayahausca is basically a traditional brew made from the leaves and stalks of some exotic plants found in the Amazon rain forests. It has long since been a spiritual and religious potion used in tribal ceremonies. Nowadays it has gained global prominence as there are many ayahuasca healers center established under the guidelines of healers or experienced shamans who conduct these ceremonies. Many westerners also flock to these exotic villages to know and have this unique experience.

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 The ayahuasca personal experience is different for each individual. The plant ingredients which make up the special drink have some psychoactive chemicals which has an effect on the human brain and nervous system.  So it is always advisable that you read up everything and know fully well the merits and demerits of this ayahuasca drink. The ceremony is considered at night and in a group session with the shaman heading the ritual. The ayahuasca is offered to the people and the effects are felt within a short while. Many feel very heady and lightheaded while others experience feelings of extreme jubilation and exhilaration. However, one needs to understand that the vomiting and diarrhea which is caused is considered a part of the healing procedure. It is basically a union of the body and the mind re connection with your inner self.  There are many offers on the ayahuasca treatment depending upon the weeks and months package. The shamans or spiritual healers are trained and experienced in dealing with the spirits and plants and connecting them to the universe through the patients.


You should think about taking ayahuasca as treatment after doing your homework carefully. It has a lot of benefits as it can have used for drug addiction antidote and cure a lot of mental illnesses. However there have also been dark sides of this ayahuasca treatment. People have reported feeling extremely sick and strange after the dosage or women have reported of negative experiences at the hands of so called well known shamans. But just like there are pros and cons to everything, this age old special concoction has found its merits in the modern medical world. So it is upto the user to know and do his research before opting for it. Otherwise the rest of the procedure is quite fun as you get to try out a new thing and stay in a remote Peruvian village

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