Head nits or eggs are tough to find, as well as puzzled for hair spray droplets or dandruff. Nits are found over the base of one’s hair shaft near to the scalp.


The egg hatches to release a fairy. The nit covering after that comes to be an extra visible dull yellow and remains connected to the hair. Nymphs grow after three molts and end up being adults about seven days after hatching.


The adult louse can be found with six legs, every with a claw, as well as is grayish-white to tan. In individuals with darker hair, adult lice are going to show up darker. Grownups multiply rapidly, laying up to eight eggs a day, as well as meeting one month on someone’s head. A louse can go two days without blood meals.

If you presume somebody in your family members has head lice, act promptly to avoid these bloodsuckers from spreading out!

Visit the licedoctors in Chicago, or contact them, as well as they will be more than satisfied to aid.


The quicker head lice are detected, the better. Quick activity, as well as preventive measures, can reduce their spread and possibility of returning.

Parents Preventative Actions:

  • Evaluate your kid for head lice as soon as a week
  • Be extra watchful after you come back from any camp, school, or vacation break, locations where breakouts have a tendency to happen more often
  • Promote lice testing at your camp/school they will help limit episodes

If you hear of a lice episode:

  • Keep long hair pulled back in a ponytail or braid. Lengthy hair is extra prone to lice
  • Apply Nit-Zapping Oil onto the scalp
  • Spray Hair Fairies Spray on your non-washables at home, such as your kids’ knapsacks and sporting activities caps

If you discover head lice on your kid:

  • Notify your school, buddies, as well as family members right away to assist curtail the spread
  • Laundry all influenced garments with Hair Fairies Washing Detergent
  • Use Hair Fairies all-natural Lotion, as well as Lice Comb to eliminate lice, then treat with Shampoo. Or pertain to a Hair Doctors near you
  • Laundry your household’s hands with Hair Eucalyptus Hand Soap to avoid the transfer of head lice


  • Screen your camp/camp for lice once a month
  • Get rid of any type of adverse preconception affixed to acquiring head lice by enlightening families as well as team, and by advertising rapid notice of parents
  • Utilize Hair Fairies Spray in your school/camp environment, such as on packed cushions, animals, attires, as well as caps
  • Use Hair Fairies Eucalyptus Handwash to prevent the transfer of head lice

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