The Perfect Deals in Health Insurance Patterns


Bring family members together in a single mutual health contract? This is entirely possible and has many advantages. You are no longer dispersed between several contracts and can also benefit from preferential rates with your insurer. Please note, however, to cover several people under the same mutual insurance contract, special attention must be paid to the guarantees chosen. Reassure me explains everything you need to know to have optimal protection.

Why take out a family health insurance?

The mutual health insurance is not compulsory but highly recommended since it allows you to benefit from better reimbursements of your medical expenses. What is more, you can extend this coverage to your family members, spouses and children, within a family mutual insurance contract. This has several advantages:

Comprehensive protection for you and your family: the family health insurance covers your needs but also those, sometimes specific, of your children (pediatrics, orthodontics, glasses, etc.). From the smallest to the largest, this supplement adapts effectively to each member of the family, while taking into account your budgetary constraints. Make a visit to for the smartest details.

  • Preferential rates: if you take out a family mutual insurance policy, your spouse may for example benefit from a reduction, sometimes up to – 15%. You may also be offered financial benefits, such as a pregnancy bonus.
  • One contract for everyone: finally, rather than signing a mutual insurance contract for each member of your family, you can centralize all their needs within a single contract. Fewer intermediaries, fewer procedures, in short, much more practical.

How to choose the right mutual health insurance for your family?

Before subscribing to a family health insurance plan, you must assess your health needs and those of those around you. What are everyone’s medical conditions? Do you have special care needs? What is your budget? So many questions you need to ask yourself before choosing your health benefits. It is also necessary to take into consideration the age of the members of your family the needs of a child during his 1st years (speech therapy, pediatrics) will indeed be different past 10 years (orthodontics, optics).

You must therefore find the right balance between conventional guarantees (medical care, dental care, optical costs, hospitalization, etc.) and specific guarantees (spa treatments, female contraception, etc.). To advise you in this process, you can call an insurance broker, who will be able to guide you on the guarantees to choose according to your family situation, but also on the pitfalls to avoid: waiting periods, reimbursement ceilings and exclusions from guarantees.


Finally, compare the offers. Again, you can do this very simply with an insurance broker. With our online comparator, we study for you the best family mutual insurance contracts. To do this, you just have to fill in some information about your profile, your needs and your budget. Free and anonymous, our comparator presents several quotes adapted to your situation. You just have to choose, from home and at your own pace, the contract that best suits you.

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