The Skin Benefits of Vitamin A


Caring your skin from dust, UV rays, and other pollutants is a long process. You need to use various skincare products at different situations, including sunscreen lotions to protect from UV rays, moisturizers to preserve moisture on the skin, toners to remove the dirt particles, cleansers to remove dead skin cells, anti-aging creams to prevent wrinkles, etc. So, you need to use different skincare items based on your needs to preserve your skin good and smooth. But to preserve skin health, you may require certain natural nutrients such as Vitamin A. Here; we will discuss the skin benefits of Vitamin A.

Vitamin A protects against UV damage:

When you intake foods that is rich in Vitamin A, your body will get enough beta-carotene and Provitamin Carotenoids. Such things are necessary potent antioxidants. Vitamin A intake helps to lessen the skin’s sensitivity when you face the sun. Thus, you will get some natural protection to your skin by preventing the sun-induced redness and pigmentation. If you are not getting enough Vitamin A rich foods, you can go for Vitamin A serum for skin that provides enough Vitamin A to your skin. Such a serum boosts collagen and helps to prevent pigmentation.

Vitamin A encourages healthy skin cell production:

Retinoic acid, Retinal, and Retinol are the crucial things needed for cell production. Vitamin A helps to boost fibroblasts, which are essential to developing tissues for maintaining healthy skin. Both Vitamin A and Carotenoids are important to promote cell and tissue growth. When your skin doesn’t get enough Vitamin A, it will result in weakened skin. Thus, you will have many problems, such as dryness, wounds, etc.

Vitamin A protects against infection:

Skin is a significant part of your body’s immune system. Your skin is the first layer or first line to withstand and handle the entry of bacteria, infection, viruses, and pollutants. When there is more cell production with the help of Vitamin A, this skin layer becomes a barrier to protect you from harmful irritants.

Vitamin A smoothes Wrinkles:

Vitamin A consists of retinol and retinoic acid, which are needed components to fight against wrinkles. Most dermatologists recommend you to use the skincare creams having retinoic acid as a major ingredient to combat aging signs. Such an ingredient also boosts the production of collagen.

Vitamin A evens Skin Tone:

When you use Vitamin A cream or Vitamin A serum for skin, you can see the major difference on your skin. As the sun-induced brown spots become lightened with the use of such Vitamin-A creams or serums. Vitamin A normalizes your skin tone to provide you an even tone. Thus, you will get a glowing complexion on your skin, as Vitamin A reduces the melanin production.

How much Vitamin A should you get?

For women, around 700 mcg of Vitamin A is essential per day. For men, 900 mcg of Vitamin A is required daily. Some of the rich sources of Vitamin A include eggs, milk, curd, and other dairy products. Some of the food items like orange, sweet potato and spinach are needed to develop the needed Vitamin A by your body itself.

Decide to choose your way of eating habits for getting enough Vitamin A required by your body. Some people may look for Vitamin A cream or Vitamin A serum for skin. Those need to choose the right skincare Vitamin A products that are free from causing allergic reactions, irritations, and dryness to your skin.


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