Things everyone should know about hearing loss


It is very difficult to explain to others what it means to have hearing loss – lack of clarity in people’s voices, sensitivity to loud noise and of course the exhaustion that occurs in certain environments due to such varied sounds. Hearing loss is an invisible disability, sometimes misunderstood, often misunderstood or even ignored – sometimes even by those closest to you. But, it can have an extremely strong impact on life, on the person who is affected and on the loved ones who are with him.

Here are 5 things people who experience hearing loss would like to say to others:

  1. The hearing loss is exhausting.
    Mild, moderate, severe or profound – regardless of the degree of hearing loss, every hearing-impaired patient strives to hear and communicate, and the more advanced the hearing loss, the more difficult and exhausting everything becomes, the quieter the same. sound. Everything is very difficult to understand for people with normal hearing for whom hearing is a natural act and does not require any effort, it comes absolutely naturally. It can be easier to explain through an exercise in imagination. Think that you have to communicate in writing, you have to read a text quickly and answer, but many letters are missing from each word, sometimes fragments of the text cannot be read. You can even try this test and you will see that the whole communication becomes extremely frustrating and you may not understand the message until the end of the communication.
  1. Socialization problems

The answer to the question may not be exactly what I expected or I may have lost the conversation, but that doesn’t mean I’m rude, careless, or slow. What happens? Sometimes, due to the complexity of the sounds, I may not understand the words exactly. And … if I don’t respond to the greeting or maybe the “sorry” when I’m in a store, for example, it’s not because I want to ignore but simply because it’s harder to hear when a person speaks is behind me.

  1. Hearing aids do not work exactly like eyeglasses.

The eyeglasses match the images exactly for a clear view, through which the vision returns to normal. Hearing aids are extremely complex devices, and the whole process of hearing rehabilitation depends on many factors. The hearing aids are made differently and very important is the adjustment made by the audiologist. In addition, more adjustments may be needed until the patient is completely satisfied. Moreover, think about how demanding the environment can become due to the countless sounds, every moment can be a new hearing situation, and for this reason the adjustment period is longer.

  1. I don’t need anyone to speak for me.

I am not a child, I have no other deficiencies that could prevent me from thinking and speaking for myself. If someone asks me a question and I can’t hear it, I’ll just ask the question to be repeated so I can answer it. I can answer and I want to do it, but I have to hear. If you try to answer in my place, you do nothing but put me in an unpleasant situation.

  1. A few simple tricks can be very helpful.

Try as much as possible to face me when we communicate, so I will see your lips and I will be able to help myself with lip-reading. As much as possible, try not to talk to me when you’re in another room and always make sure you get my attention when you want to tell me something. And always be sure of my good intentions – I want to hear you and I try as hard as I can. Following these rules shows me that you do the same.

You face an undiagnosed and untreated hearing loss, do not wait until concrete actions, schedule an appointment with an audiologist as soon as possible for a consultation and thus the chances of hearing loss will worsen considerably.

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