Things To Consider Before Undergoing A SMILE Eye Surgery


SMILE (Small incision lenticule extraction) is a vision correction surgery. It is performed using a VisuMax femtosecond laser. This one-step laser procedure is an advanced eye surgery that corrects your vision in less than an hour. 


SMILE eye surgery is specifically designed to treat people with vision correction problems. It provides vision correction via advanced tools and technology. It can also help treat several refractive errors like myopia. 

Advantages of SMILE Eye Surgery for Vision Correction

The benefits of SMILE corrective eye surgery include:

  • Less Invasive Procedure

Unlike any other vision correction procedure, SMILE does not result in the formation of a flap. A flap refers to a circular strip that is sliced on the top portion of the cornea using a blade to allow the laser to pass through. In SMILE, however, the laser works on the intact cornea and a lenticule is formed, which is later removed from a micro-incision of 4 mm or less. Thus making the procedure is less invasive.

  • Retains Corneal strength

The corrective procedure has no negative impact on the corneal strength whatsoever. There is minimal disruption in corneal biomechanical strength as a result of the correction surgery.  

  • Minimal Chances of Dry Eyes

Since there is a minimal disruption made to the corneal strength, post-laser side-effects such as dry eyes are reduced drastically compared to any other LASIK procedure. So, if you are worried about the procedure impacting your eyes, SMILE eye surgery is ideal for you. 

  • Safe and Highly Accurate

The surgery involves using a femtosecond laser to create a corneal lenticule that is removed using a small incision. Most people are afraid to undergo such surgeries, but SMILE eye surgery is safe and trustworthy. It has proven to bring several positive effects and correct people’s vision in no time. So, if you are near-sighted and feel the need for vision correction, this surgery is suitable for you. 

What Can You Expect Before, During and After Surgery?

Before you start the surgery, you have to undergo comprehensive counselling. It will help ward off any hesitance you may have against refractive surgery. When the procedure begins, the doctors will numb your eyes with drops, and local anaesthesia will be used to numb the eye.. Your eyelids will be open, and they will perform the surgery with precision. After the procedure is over, you have to attend a review appointment. You can go home soon after surgery and rest at home.

Is SMILE eye surgery expensive?

Well, this surgery being premium might cost a little more than LASIK. However, it is 100% bladeless, pain-free, and comes with minimal to no side effects. You can also get the best vision correction treatment without facing any hindrance at all. Plus, the precision with which your eye specialist will perform the surgery on your eyes is par excellence. Thus, there is no reason to be worried at all. 

The Bottom Line 

SMILE eye surgery has helped millions (4 million eyes to be precise) of patients recover from far-sightedness over time. As compared to the LASIK eye surgery, this one is far more effective, comfortable, and quick to help. If you find yourself with the same problems that this surgery treats, do not hesitate to undergo it. 

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