Things You Need to Know about Chiropractor Massage Therapy


Some ailments need continued attention from your chiropractor. When you have a joint disorder, a pain, a muscle strain or a spine issue, you might need to visit a chiropractor regularly to help soothe the pain. There are two parts to this. At first, the chiropractor will use the adjustments to release any dislocations. This is the basis of all chiropractic exercises. They are usually adjustments made to the spine. After this, there are a series of massage therapy that is put in place to help improve your motor functions and reduce the pain from the disorders. These help to increase blood flow for faster recovery of broken muscle fibers and soft tissues. This is the reason chiropractor massage therapy is a much-needed problem fixer.

How is this different from Massage Therapy?

When you think of a massage, you think of a relaxation method for a weekend or a holiday. The ambiance is overpowered with light music and scented candles. Massage is more of a recreational activity than a method of fixing muscle disorders. Massage therapy might have the same methods and capabilities, but they are not focused on fixing independent ailments. They also lack the dislocations-adjustment knowledge that you can get from a chiropractor. Thus a chiropractor massage therapy is a more comprehensive treatment process. 

What is done as part of the treatment? 

Unlike massage therapy, this is backed medically. The first thing your chiropractor will do is study your entire medical history to understand the cause of the ailment. They will then suggest if chiropractic treatments are the right way to go. Sometimes pain me also be caused by deficiencies or impact wounds, and those cannot be treated by a chiropractor.

Once you are sure you need treatments, on your first visit you will be explained the process you are stepping into. Depending on your problem-points, they will recommend a treatment schedule that will need you to come for multiple sessions. They also give you sufficient information to help you with your daily routine and the dos and don’ts of your lifestyle. Once you have a treatment plan in place, you will have to be punctual to your sessions. Some doctors also advise a few exercises that you must do at home to expedite the treatment. 

The time duration of the treatment could vary from a few weeks to a few months. This is completely dependent on the course of action and how intense your injury is. The first step of chiropractor massage therapy is usually the adjustment and then followed by the massage treatments. 

Once you have attended the many sessions, you will feel better and the pain can be reduced or eliminated. However once the treatment is done, you must still follow the advice of your doctor to reduce the chance of a relapse.  

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