Three Reasons Why You Should Donate Blood


The home doctor experts at House Call Doctor say the simple decision to donate blood can save lives and yet reserves are always low.

Thinking about how you can make a difference? Here are three reasons why you should give blood if you’re able to:

1.   It’s in demand

With one in three people needing blood at some point in their life, there is a constant demand for more blood. Did you know that Australia needs more than 27,000 blood donations each week in order to supply the Red Cross Blood Service?

While most donated blood goes to people with cancer and blood diseases,a lot of other recipients are undergoing surgery, or have suffered traumatic accidents/burns.

2.   It’s safe

The Red Cross Blood Service is one of the safest blood suppliers in the world. The equipment is sterile, and needles are used only once before being discarded. A small donation of 470mL of blood is less than 10% of most people’s total blood volume, and is safe to give every 12 weeks.

3.   It’s easy

As well as being painless, giving blood usually takes just 5-10 minutes, and the entire appointment shouldlast less than an hour.

You will be interviewed by a trained staff member before the donation, making sure you’re a suitable donor. They will then test your blood pressure and prick your finger to test your haemoglobin levels. Finally, you will be able to rest with a drink and snack in the refreshment area after the blood is taken.

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