Top Tips to Reduce Heartburn During Pregnancy


Contrary to the name, heartburn has nothing to do with the heart. Instead, it refers to the feeling of acidity and burning in the chest and throat when the food is not digested properly and goes up through the oesophagus. It is more common during pregnancy due to the changing condition of the body. Pregnancy hormones disturb the digestive system a bit and as a result, the food is hard to digest. 

With pregnancy, there are certain things you cannot do to reduce heartburn for fear of harming the fetus. You have to take special care in case you are having heartburn during pregnancy. With proper diet intake and exercise, you can reduce the severity of indigestion and heartburn. Here are a few suggestions to help deal with this problem during pregnancy.

  1. Take Yoghurt

The probiotics content in Yoghurt makes it the best option to reduce heartburn. A cold cup of low-fat or Greek yoghurt will instantly give you a soothing sensation in the throat and stomach. Probiotics in the Yoghurt help develop good bacteria in the stomach and fight off bad bacteria, balancing the microbiome of the digestive system. 

  1. Drink milk and honey

Honey is a gold reserve of medical benefits. Take a glass full of milk and mix a tablespoon of honey in it. Drink it as soon as you start feeling heartburn. Milk neutralizes the acidity in the stomach and honey provides anti-bacterial effects. 

  1. Snack on almonds 

Almonds are a good option for snacking when you start feeling heavy and acidic. Almonds have lower acidity levels than other nuts and are easily digestible. So if you are in no mood to eat a proper meal, you can snack on a handful of almonds.

  1. Take medications

Nothing could provide relief to discomfort and pain than medicines. If you are having severe heartburn, consult your doctor immediately. Take your prescribed medicines from and do not skip any dose. Taking pregnancy vitamins and medicines on schedule can also help curb the heartburn problem. 

  1. Eat pineapple or papaya

Fruits such as pineapple and papaya are helpful in easing heartburn. There are enzymes in these fruits which help neutralize the acidity in the stomach and help the intestines keep the food down. 

  1. Try a little ginger. 

Ginger is a good remedy to treat heartburn. You can make ginger tea or take a piece of ginger root and chew on it directly. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties so helps reduce the acidity in the stomach. 

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