Every day the life is becoming busier and busier for everybody. When it comes to the hospitalization of the loved ones, you manage somehow. However, it becomes difficult for you to take care of your family member after their release from the hospital. Whatever your reasons maybe, you cannot give enough time to your loved ones. Hence, there are companies who provide health care facilities in the comfort of your home. Companies providing home health aide in Phoenixville are many like Personal Health Care which gives you a choice of services you need. Following are some of the services provided by home health care:

  • Personal home care

Personal home care is generally provided by non-medical staff for the personal care of an individual like bathing, changing, cooking, cleaning, etc. The patient might be an elderly or an adult with special or a child.

  • Respite care

When you are taking care of your family member and you need a break, you can ask for respite care which is a short term care provided to the patient who needs it and the person who is taking care needs a break.

  • Companion care

Sometimes the senior person is healthy and wants to live independently but also needs someone for keeping them company. Home health aide in Phoenixville provides companions for such people.

  • Medication Management

Medication management is provided by trained professionals to the patients to help them cope with their regular medicines.

  • Behavioral support

Behavioral support is available for adults and children of special needs. The providers are trained and have experience with such patients. This includes developmental disabilities, challenging behavior or unique support needs.

  • RN Assessment

RN assessment is done by registered nurses. They gather information about the patient’s physiological, psychological, sociological and spiritual needs of the patient for the use of the care arrangement.

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