Understanding Delta-8 THC Gummies Safety


It is the name given to synthetic cannabinoid enantiomers which have different chemical properties than their naturally occurring counter parts. Synthetic cannabinoids have been linked to severe health complications and even death in some cases, something that has never happened with natural marijuana . With this being said, let’s take a look at the major potential dangers associated with dabbing these products:

Dangers Associated With Dabbing Delta-8 THC Gummies

1) Complete Absorption Of Delta 8 THC And Accumulation In The Body

What do Delta 8 gummies feel? Delta 8 THC absorbs completely when smoked or vaped unlike bud where only to 40% of the available cannabinoids have been found to be bioavailable. This means that Delta 8 THC users are at greater risk of having their internal organs damage by this drug because unlike natural cannabis, only the delta-8 THC compound enters the body after being inhaled or vaporized.

2) Toxins And Carcinogens Released During Vaporization

When heated to the point of burning, Delta 8 THC turns into a hazardous product that is potentially carcinogenic in nature. These toxins and carcinogens can then accumulate within the user’s lungs and may lead to chronic respiratory conditions with regularly using these products.

3) Risk Of Overdose Due To Gradual Accumulation Of Delta 8 THC Within The Body

Delta 8 THC users are at risk of overdosing on these products because the drug accumulates over time within the body. Our bodies are not meant to handle high doses of this synthetic cannabinoid.

Would You Rather Be High Or Dead?

If you choose to use Delta 8 THC products, I highly recommend avoiding dabbing them altogether . This is probably one of the most dangerous ways to ingest these products and will potentially be putting your health at great risk that no amount of weed could ever do. Using vape pens or eating delta 8 gummies that contain delta-8 may seem like a low risk idea right now but it’s still an unhealthy substitute for natural cannabis in my opinion. I would much rather see people using natural marijuana than vaping or eating candies with Delta-8 ( which has been tested for safety ).

4) Unpredictable Side Effects And Lack Of Medical Research

All Delta 8 THC products on the market today have been specially made in a lab and their effects are not proven to be the same as marijuana. They may induce psychoactive and other side effects that can’t be easily predicted nor understood by doctors or medical professionals based on current research limitations.

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