Understanding How Revision Rhinoplasty Works


A majority of plastic surgeons unanimously agree that rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult plastic surgeries to conduct. The nose is an important part of the facial structure. They have a double burden to make it look beautiful and not block any of the nasal passage airways after the surgery is complete. Plastic surgeons with expertise in the field say that rhinoplasty does not mean just looking good; you must ensure that there is no problem breathing after the surgery.

Where does the revision rhinoplasty step in? 

Often patients seek a secondary or a Revision Rhinoplasty because they are not happy with the look of their nose after the first surgery. This decision of their challenges the most experienced plastic surgeon, and the surgery becomes a difficult one. Esteemed surgeons say there are plenty of reasons for a secondary rhinoplasty, the most common being people want a better nose.

The surgery

In this surgery, cartilage needs to be placed in the nose to give it structural support for either the tip or the bridge of the person’s nose. The septal cartilage is deficient, and surgeons choose this cartilage from different body areas, mostly the ear and, in some rare cases, the rib.

There can be some soft tissue irregularities along the tip or the bridge of the person’s nose. Here, tissue needs to be placed as camouflage or cover. This tissue serves as a natural filler and is permanent in nature.

An ideal source for this tissue is the temporalis fascia that is generally taken from an incision done remotely in the hairline. This, of course, goes unnoticed.

There are some cases where scarring in the nose needs skin grafting for reopening narrow or distorted airway.

Outcome or expectations from the surgery 

No matter how good your plastic surgeon is, no professional can guarantee 100% results. You should be aware of this fact when you want to go in for revision rhinoplasty.

However, in conclusion, the choice to go in for a revision rhinoplasty is at the end of your own. You should choose a Board certified and experienced plastic surgeon with whom you are comfortable with. The choice of the surgeon is very important as you must have a deep level of trust. If you have worked with the surgeon before, the results will likely be as per your expectations.

Tips for a successful surgery

  • Have realistic expectations
  • Meet your plastic surgeon and discuss your expectations with him/her
  • Make health your priority. The surgery should not result in a breathing issue
  • Choose a clean and experienced clinic 
  • Take a leave from work as you need to follow the same rules of surgery, hospital stay, and time for healing like in the first rhinoplasty.

In several cases, it has been observed that patients who were not happy with the first rhinoplasty generally are satisfied with theirRevision Rhinoplasty results. If you have done a rhinoplasty earlier but still want to further enhance your nose’s look, follow the above tips mentioned above to get optimal results.  


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