Understanding What Interventional Radiology Is All About


You must know how a radiologist can help with your interventional radiology procedures. It can be for your joint injection, epidural, or nephrostomy. Also, you have to understand what their job is all about. Interventional radiologists play a significant role in the medical field. So if you are curious about what these professionals do with the services offered at the interventional radiology Australia, then you have come to the right place.

All About Interventional Radiology

Interventional radiologists specialize in performing various imaging procedures. These procedures will produce images of what can be found inside our body. The images will then be interpreted to diagnose a particular disease or injury. Also, the results will be used to perform different interventional medical procedures efficiently.

Imaging techniques like MRI scans, X-Rays, CT scans, and ultrasounds are just some of the most used imaging techniques by interventional radiologists. These professionals are the ones responsible for performing different procedures like treating tumors, placing stents using small instruments, inserting catheters through an artery or vein, and also taking organ biopsies.

Here are some of the most common interventional radiology procedures from Imaging Associates in Australia:

  • Spinal Injections like epidural, facet joint injections, medial branch block, and also nerve root block.
  • Ultrasound-guided breast biopsies for women.
  • The musculoskeletal injection includes autologous blood injections, hydro-dilatations, as well as tendon, bursal, and even joint injections.

Choosing An Interventional Radiologist

Because of the continuing advancements in technology, many health conditions can now be treated using interventional radiology. Some doctors would have preferred radiologists for their patients. But if you want to choose your own, there are a couple of factors that you have to consider:

  • Board Certification. It would take two years of additional training for an interventional radiologist to get board certified. Some tests need to be performed to make sure that the physician does the interventional radiology procedures.
  • Being an interventional radiologist is not easy. You need to have experience and not only rely on the knowledge that you gained from education and training. Their experience is a must when it comes to having a good track record.
  • Quality of Work. There is no need to find a radiologist who has done the most procedure similar to what you need. What’s important is the number of successful procedures that they have done.
  • Another thing that you should consider when choosing an interventional radiologist is the honesty of the person assisting you during the procedure. What you need is an interventional radiologist who can be honest with you whether you will benefit from the procedure or not.

Choosing an interventional radiologist who will perform a specific procedure with you is as important as a physician who has specializations. So make sure that you consider the factors mentioned above.


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