Urgent Care VS stand alone er’s – why we need both



Health care remains to be on the topmost priorities of human life. When delivered on time, it can not only save a precious life but give relief to others around the patient. It is why the medical field is seen with a lot of respect and integrity and considered one of the noble professions.

Health care facilities are delivered in every form and degree. It could range from a small clinic, a small size hospital to a multi-specialty super hospital. However, at ground level, every health care set-up seems to have a common goal, which is to serve humanity.

When talking about receiving the best care for the patient, undoubtedly, hospitals work best. But, it is crucial to keep in mind the standard procedure followed; this can be helpful in making significant decisions of choosing the best medical facilities for your family or friend in case of any medical emergency. Some of the reasons are:

Emergency Life Support

It becomes critical to receive life support in case of an emergency medical condition. It is where Standalone ER’s work best with priority attention from medical staff and doctors. While urgent care centers with its limited staff and resources stand nowhere closer.

Unnecessary Waiting time

In the case of receiving emergency medical attention, every second count. Even a delay of a minute can cause a serious loss of life. It is what a health care professional does not want. Standalone ER keeps this fact on their top priority and ensures that treatment is done without any delay. When it comes to an urgent care center, things can go south when you have to follow every standard procedure.

On-Site Treatment

Talking of urgent care Pasadena, you can experience the difference in the level of care and comfort. With on-site treatment facilities, the patient can undergo diagnostics, examinations, treatment, and pharmacy all under one Roof. It is, however, possible only in the case of Standalone ER’s but exceptions are everywhere.

Creating a Relaxing Environment

A stress-free environment is the cornerstone of a healthy mindset and happiness. For patients, friends, and family, this can go miles ahead in dealing with the tough situation. Most of the standalone ER’s pay closer attention to it. However, this may not be the case with urgent care centers where highly saturated health care facilities make everything look terrible.

Intensive care and rehabilitation

Intensive care has a greater role to play in healing patients both mentally and physically. It involves serving medical attention, treatment, and medicines at the right time. It makes rehabilitation for patient works remarkably well. Both urgent care and Standalone ER’s cater to these needs of the patient.

In a Nutshell

Now when we have discussed the main reason for choosing the appropriate health care facilities, it is up to you to decide which works well for you. Although both of the medical care centers serve the same purpose, the difference lies in their approach and vision to serve their mission better.



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