What a Pediatric Dentist can Do for Children


For many people, taking care of their teeth is a difficult task, especially when they have grown up with this bad habit. This makes it important to teach proper oral health from a young age. A dentist who specializes in pediatric dentistry in Providence would have an easier time at their job if parents instill in their children’s minds the importance of proper oral hygiene.

Kids have unique oral needs that measures for adult teeth cannot address. Children’s mouth continues to change from infancy to their teenage years. A pediatric dentist is well equipped and trained to handle these changes. Read on to know what this dentist can do for kids:

Extract Teeth

Kids need to lose their baby teeth to make room for a new set of teeth to grow. Although baby teeth may fall off naturally, some may not. Because a tooth is shaky from the root, it may require very little pressure to remove it. But, some baby teeth can be stubborn and must be removed professionally. Otherwise, the permanent teeth will try to grow over the other tooth. By having a stubbing baby tooth removed by a dentist, malpositioning and overcrowding of teeth can be avoided. 

Align Teeth

The majority of kids will need to wear dental devices to ensure their teeth grow properly. People differ in terms of their bone structures and some people’s teeth don’t grow correctly aligned. An experienced pediatric dentist can make sure the teeth of a child are properly aligned while still young.

Offer Preventative Dental Care

A pediatric dentist will observe the state of a child’s teeth to discover any underlying dental issues. If one of those teeth is starting to decay, the dentist will suggest preventative measures to protect it. They may suggest solutions such as dental crowns, dental sealants, and space maintainers.


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