What is a Berkey water filter


Clean water is necessary and an essential need for life to thrive. It’s necessary to drink and clean as well as cook. So it is safe to say that without clean water, our health and daily activities would be in constant struggle.

Water filtration system tends to make purification of water a lot easier and even if a number of people have access to clean water, not everyone is lucky enough for it. And although a lot of people think their water is safe to drink because their city says so doesn’t actually mean it is and it could be harmful to your health and your home.

Water filtration is completely necessary when it comes to the removal of contaminants from different water bodies and it is essential when it comes to taking control of a lot of things in your home.

You might be wondering why exactly you need a water filtration system and how filters such as Berkey water filter USA can help in eliminating the dangers of tap water.

Although tap water is considered safe in a lot of places, that doesn’t mean you do not have a lot of impurities floating and flowing through your taps. These could be bacteria, debris and even chemicals that are moving all around your municipality’s general water system.

Here are some of the reasons why you should need a water filter system for your tap water.

  1. Chlorine

Chlorine is a chemical that is added to water in order to kill bacteria as well as microbes which can ultimately make you sick. So basically, chlorine is used in water to prevent spread of illnesses which can be gotten through drinking water. However, it is not completely safe to drink and has its own complications. It can lead to birth defects and also other abnormalities which can be avoided.

So while chlorine is completely and widely accepted in many places as a source of achieving clean water, it is necessary to filter it out before you drink it.

  1. Lead

Lead is also a contaminant that can be present in tap water and old pipes can be a serious cause of this in drinking water and it can also be a treat to human health. There are people in the United States of America being affected greatly by lead-contaminated water and as we all see, it can be quite devastating to an entire community.

This is why it is important to protect you and your family from this through the use of a good water filtration system.

  1. Fluoride

Lots of cities in the United States of America have fluoride added to the water as a form of extra health measure. However, these fluorides can be harmful in large quantities and the use of a good filter can be able to eliminate it from drinking water.

Not all filters have the ability to remove fluoride but some can. Finding out with the manufacturer is a good way to know if a water filter has fluoride eliminating properties.

  1. Nitrate

When nitrate is found in high levels, it can affect humans especially pregnant women and children. These high levels of nitrate are usually caused by fertilizers, poor well construction, industrial waste and so much more.

People staying in rural areas also need the use of water filter systems to be able to get their water cleaner and less harmful to their organs and health. There are a few ways to remove nitrate from water and it includes distillation and water filtration.

  1. Bacteria and Viruses

Bacteria and water transmitted viruses can carry a lot of infections and diseases to the body and these are mostly caused by human and animal waste to a water body. Although it isn’t common in urban areas, water drinkers at home and on the go would require a water filter system.

This is because filtration can provide an additional layer of protection which is highly advised for a lot of water drinkers, both urban and local.


There are a lot of benefits of using a water filter system and if you need one which offers you all these and more while eliminating fluoride and perfect when you are on the go, why not try Berkey water filter system today? All you have to do is visit https://www.usaberkeyfilters.com/ for more.


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