What Is So Special About Special Sauce CBD Flower?


The Special Sauce CBD flower is a CBD-rich pressure which contain a strong backbone of cannabinoid. It consists of an overall CBD of 18.8% as well as 0.3% of THC. Therefore, the strain works right as a painkiller, as well as a sleeping aid. In addition, it likewise has a high material content, which is optimal for extractions.

One of the most supreme terpenes you will be able to get from the strain is Caryophyllene, Pinene, as well as Myrcene.

Overview and Genes

The Special Sauce hemp flower originated from the Oregon CBD. It is the flagship product of them that crosses the material berry as well as the origin of Special Sauce started. It is among the extraordinary CBD flowers as a result of its little buds, which contains a huge amount of aroma as well as smell.


The Super Sauce hemp flower has environment-friendly, brown, as well as orange shades throughout its body. You can likewise notice that its little buds are rather bouncy. It makes the weed look gorgeous as well as attractive. In addition, this plant likewise has to flaunt olive-green fallen leaves with dark pink, purple, as well as golden amber traces. It’s small; however, gorgeous nugs are covered in bright and sparkling trichomes with rusty as well as fiery pistils. The buds of this plant are really sticky as well as tough to damage. As a result, you will require a grinder to destroy it up.


When it concerns the Special Sauce hemp taste of flowers, you can taste the sweet taste as well as flower strike that enhances its scent. Dark as well as woody flavors follow its sweet taste. What makes this plant more interesting is it is smooth sufficient to smoke. As a result, it will not leave any kind of severe feelings on your throat as well as lungs. It drops easily, as well as will leave you completely satisfied.


Its scent has a pleasant as well as a hoppy astringent berry odor. You can scent a tip of vanilla with a musk. The fresh aroma of this plant came from the number of terpenes that it has. When you scent this plant, you will really feel a perfect mix of relaxation as well as sooth feeling. When smoked, you can smell the hoppy citrus, which is extremely smooth to breathe in and exhale. It does not leave any kind of sticky film as well as sticking around funk on your lips.

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