What Is The Best Strain Of Marijuana?


Since the legalization of weed in numerous countries, there has been an increase in the sales of marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes. More and more adults are using marijuana and are ordering from various local pharmacies and online seed banks. For newbies, a question they frequently ask other experienced growers what is the best strain of marijuana? An answer that does not have a proper definitive answer varies from person to person as per their needs. 

Researchers are finding out new qualities of weed that make them the ideal choice for different conditions. Depending upon your requirements, different strains of marijuana are used. There are so many different types of strains available in the market with different features that there is no straightforward answer as to what is the best strain of marijuana? So in this article, we will mention some of the popular strains of marijuana that everyone loves. Before going forward, it is important to realize that the effects of this marijuana are different, and you must decide the strain suitable for you as per your needs. 

1- Acapulco gold

One of the best strains in the market of all time is Acapulco gold. The strain is from Mexico, and the sativa levels are high in this strain, making the strain the ideal choice for an energetic day. A puff of this strain can also help reduce fatigue, stress, and even nausea. 


ACDC is a hybrid strain that has a unique THC: CBD ratio of 1:20. This makes the strain more useful in medicine than a recreational drug. Since it has high CBD levels, it does not give the user the psychoactive effects of THC and does not cloud your judgment. 

3- Afghani

As the name suggests, afghani is a strain originating from the afghan and is an indica strain. The indica concentration makes the strain more relaxing and calming in nature. The best time to have a puff of this particular strain is during a relaxing weekend when you have no work and want to spend your day more relaxed and chilled. 

4- AK-47

Do not be frightened by the name of AK-47. It is a hybrid strain that makes the user more relaxed and mellow. It is also one of the rare weeds that have won several awards for its characteristics worldwide. 

5- Allen wrench

People who love sativa strain marijuana are a fan of the Allen wrench. A couple of puffs of this strain, and you’re good to go for a brainstorming and energetic day. Some people have also stated that this strain is better than a morning cup of coffee. It is derived from popular strain NYC Diesel and trainwreck. 

6- Blue dream

A sativa dominant hybrid that makes you crave for more as you start with small puffs. It was first made in California and has been a favorite of many ever since. It is remarkable how the strain can gently put you into a sense of euphoria after some time. 

In conclusion

First, you need to decide on what effects you expect from weed. Then only can you decide on what is the best strain of marijuana? For more details, please visit https://homegrowncannabisco.com/ 

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