What Is The Difference Between Acute Pain And Chronic Pain?

Acute Pain And Chronic Pain

Pain is a sign which says that something has happened to our body and we get to know that something is wrong. As there are two types of pain, one is acute pain which happens quickly and goes away when there is no cause. But on the other hand chronic pain lasts longer, sometimes it can drag the pain up to 6 months and can continue even when the illness has been treated. Many pain management doctors in Atlanta have studied both types of pain and found out that the best judge of your pain is you. Only you can judge which kind of or which type of pain you are suffering from and then further doctors can help you treat it.

Acute Vs Chronic Pain

The main difference between acute and chronic pain is that acute pain comes suddenly and is caused by some specific action. Even though the pain is sharp in quality it usually doesn’t last longer than six months. It slowly fades away the underlying cause of the pain that has been treated or no longer exists. The different causes of acute pain can be broken bones, burns or cuts, surgery, dental work, or labor and childbirth.

On the other hand, chronic pain is a pain that is ongoing and usually lasts much longer than six months. This type of pain continues even when your injury or illness has been treated or healed with the help ofchronic pain management in Atlantaor anywhere you are located. The pain signals remain active in the brain and cause apparent body damage which leads to different health conditions. The condition linked to chronic pain includes cancer, headache, arthritis, back pain or fibromyalgia.


No matter which type of pain you are suffering from, it can range from mild pain to severe in both acute and chronic pain. And both of them can reduce or affect the quality of life you are living and keep you always five steps back from the life you live to deserve.

However, the patients who suffer from severe chronic pain are the candidates who need immediate attention from professionals of chronic pain management in Atlanta as you will find the best healthcare facilities here. On the other hand, for acute pain, several therapies can treat the underlying cause of the disease by interrupting the nociceptive signals which can eliminate the pain from the patient forever.

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