What Must You Know About Citicoline?


Citicoline happens to be a brain chemical that gets produced in people’s bodies naturally and when people take it in the form of medicine, they take it as a supplement through their mouth. However, at times, it is provided as a shot or by IV. This compound is hugely useful for Alzheimer’s disease besides other kinds of head trauma, dementia, and cerebrovascular diseases, like age-related loss of memory, stroke, ADHD (deficit-hyperactive disorder), glaucoma, and Parkinson ’s disease.

This compound was originally industrialized in Japan for treating stroke though later it was introduced in the form of a prescription drug in numerous European nations. In these nations, it is frequently prescribed for various thinking issues linked to circulation problems. In the United States, citicoline is endorsed in the form of a dietary supplement.

How citicoline is different from Alpha-GPC?

Both Citicoline Sodium or CDP Choline Sodium powder and Alpha GPC happens to be excellent sources of choline that make their supplementation in people’s diet an extra advantage. However, they tend to do the same thing at times when the matter zeroes on augmenting the functioning of the brain and mental acuity. Though there are many similarities between these two compounds, there are some differences too between them. For instance, both components have distinct metabolism processes. Alpha-GPC breaks down but Acetylcholine is discharged in the form of a byproduct.

Again, citicoline acts as a derivative of a similar chemical. The positive effects that Alpha GPC leaves on people aren’t very common with citicoline. For example, when people consume Alpha-GPC, they witness improved strength and vitality. This compound is also helpful in the recovery of muscles fast post strenuous workouts. The usefulness of Alpha-GPC lies in the fact that it augments the growth hormone production in people while doing its job of a weak stimulant.

As both Alpha-GPC and Citicoline have exclusive strength, it is tough to declare one between the two as a winner. You have to take your pick between two compounds based on your intention for using them. When you happen to be an adult who is hunting to have a mental edge, then your chosen compound should be citicoline as it will provide you with a mental boost. On the contrary, when you emerge as an athlete who wishes for better and faster outcomes in the gymnasium, then Alpha-GPC is the best for you.

Doses of Choline

The dosages of nootropic Choline vary according to the problems people face. For the problem of asthma, a dosage of 500-100 mg thrice is sufficient and it should be taken regularly. The average diet that people take supplies 200-600 mg of this compound daily. AI (Adequate Intake) for an adult is 550 mg daily and it is for breastfeeding women. Pregnant women should take 450 mg daily. A child should take 1-3; the AI should be 200 mg daily. The regular Upper Intake Levels for choline are 1 gm for children daily, 2 gm is sufficient for children who fall within 9-13 years and 3 grams is sufficient for children between 14 and 18 years.

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