What Should You Know About Anti-Androgens?


Some people are born with low levels of androgens that affect their hormones. Anti-androgen drugs help in preventing the effects caused due to the androgens. These drugs are also popularly known as testosterone blockers. These drugs are used for various purposes such as early puberty, prostate cancer, excessive hair growth, acne, high levels of androgen, etc. 

Usage of Testosterone Blockers in Women

These blockers are used for various hormonal imbalances in both men and women. Some women have high levels of androgen that develop into problems such as excessive hair growth, problems with ovulation, Tumors in an ovary or adrenal glands, etc. The drugs help in controlling these problems and preventing complications such as high cholesterol and blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, etc. 

Usage of these Drugs in Men

These anti-androgen drugs are not only used in women but are also used in men. Someone with high androgen levels can activate the cancer cells. With the help of these drugs, you can help in controlling the growth of cancer cells. This drug is used also used during the process of surgical and chemical castration. 

Used for Nonbinary People or Transgenders

These drugs are also used by people who want to control the effects of masculinity. They control the baldness with is a male pattern, facial hair growth, etc. If taken with Estrogens, it will help in increasing the female hormones, and hence, these drugs can be used for Transgenders too. 

Medicines have Side Effects Too

Like most of the medicines, the anti-androgen drugs also have side effects. The side effects include depression, hepatitis, diarrhea, hot flashes, irregular menstrual cycle, rashes in skin, injury to the liver, etc. However, these side effects depend on the dosage prescribed by the doctor. That is why it is recommended that these drugs are taken in consultation with your doctor and your medical background. 

Buy Your Drugs Online 

Even though it is recommended that you should consult your doctor before you start taking testosterone blockers, you can buy these drugs from online medical stores. However, since these drugs may have some serious side effects and are meant to mediate the biological effects in the body, you need to upload your prescription with these drug stores before you buy them. These drug stores will also provide the necessary information regarding the during by which you can find the hormonal changes in your body. But the dosage should be taken according to what has been prescribed to you. The over dosage of these drugs can lead to severe medical conditions.

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