What You Should Know About Hair Loss


Some people sleep and wake up, only to find particles of hair on their pillow and mattress. These hair particles increase in their numbers daily, and they can only wonder why it is happening. In this article, we are going to discuss the origin and causes of hair loss in men, along with its symptoms. We shall also elucidate on the existing types of alopecia and possible ways to treat it.

Origins Of Hair Loss

In understanding the term alopecia, we trace it back to the 20th century, where researchers wanted to coin out a name to describe the loss of hair which patients have visited the hospital suffered from. The word alopecia came from a Greek word ‘alopecia which describes a situation where foxes dropped their heads twice in a year. People didn’t know why their hair drooped at that time. The term alopecia was later accepted in the medical field as what it is today.

The Causes Of Hair Loss

The problem of excessive hair loss is mostly seen in men, although women and children can experience it too. The condition can either happen in patches or widespread. Some people lose up to 60 strands of hair daily, as suggested by the man medical institute. What are some known causes of hair loss?

Hereditary Or By Age

Hair loss occurs in some men when they reach a certain age. In this case, the loss of hair is not a result of any disease or ailment, and it can be a result of genetics and change and some hormones in the body. This case is mainly seen in men than in women. Men start noticing this case any time after puberty.

Some men experience their starting from the age of 60.

Physical Or Emotional Stress

Stress, both physical and psychological, can result in hair loss. Excessive pressure can drive the hair follicles into a state of rest. This makes the hair begin to fall out, and the area tends to become like a scalp.

There are other causes of hair loss. These include radiotherapy, anemia. Use of drugs, burns, and various types of hair infections.

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