When will free COVID-19 tests end in England?



Over two years after the COVID-19 pandemic has started to threaten everyone across the globe and became a health crisis, different countries have made their own adjustment. Some are already in the stage of getting used to the new normal.

The UK government created its own strategy featuring free COVID-19 tests against the continuing rampage of the virus, named “learning to live with COVID,” which will end soon. The said campaign offers free lateral flow tests and PCR kits all over across the United Kingdom and aims to encourage a sense of personal responsibility towards its citizens.

COVID-19 isn’t going to end any time soon, as it can adapt to vaccine and booster shots and can mutate accordingly to these, resulting in the creation of new mutations that pose greater danger to everyone’s health. People across the globe should acknowledge this and continue following basic health protocols like wearing face masks, bringing and using alcohol to sanitize hands and keeping safe, social distance when going outside, and complying to COVID fit to fly certificate requirement when traveling to minimize the risk of getting infected. 

Even people who are already done with their vaccination and booster shots have the possibility of catching the virus; thus, they shouldn’t take the virus lightly after getting an immunization. The latest variants of concern are now spread over a hundred countries and may cause another outbreak if not prevented with great caution, which is only possible with the cooperation of everyone from each country.

Since different rules are being implemented in every country, just like the UK’s free tests campaign and the specification in tests like day 2 PCR test, everyone, especially travelers, should learn these rules before going to flights to cooperate smoothly, wherever country they are headed to.

If you want to learn more about the free COVID-19 test in England and its current rules, you can read this infographic. For an affordable COVID-19 testing kit, contact the trusted and reliable Harley Medic International for official rapid tests. Get in touch through their website.


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