Why Do Blood Thinners Play Important Role in Human Life


Unfortunately, the modern lifestyle of most people leads to the fact that the blood becomes thick, plaques form on the walls of veins and blood vessels, and the normal blood circulation in general is disrupted. And this immediately affects the health of the body, the brain, increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. In addition, there is a real danger to life as a result of the occurrence of these diseases.

To be more convincing, here are the statistics of deaths from cardiovascular diseases in the world – this is 9 million deaths per year, according to WHO statistics. And this figure continues to grow. And if you count how many people are forced to experience problems due to these diseases, then this number will reach tens of millions around the world.

How blood thinners affect health

The name itself describes the mechanism of action of such products and medicines. Diluents make the blood more fluid, mobile. This reduces the load on the heart. Why? You can conduct an experiment by taking 2 syringes. Fill one with water, and the other with sunflower oil (or another thicker liquid.) Now let’s squeeze out the contents of the syringes by pressing the pistons. It is easy to make sure that the syringe with water will easily give in to pressure and empty faster. But a syringe with oil will require additional effort from you. It is also difficult for the heart to disperse thicker blood than liquefied blood.

Blood thinners play an important role in atherosclerosis, allowing blood to better penetrate to the extremities, improving the nutrition of the extremities, mention iytmed.com. Doctors routinely prescribe blood thinners to people with atherosclerosis of the lower extremities.

Possible side effects of blood thinners

Of course, like the vast majority of medical products, blood thinners have their own side effects. This is mainly expressed in excessive bleeding. If you often bleed gums, or there is a nosebleed, women have vaginal bleeding, hemorrhoid discharge of blood, then taking blood thinners can seriously aggravate the patient’s situation. Therefore, it is important to understand that without consulting a doctor, taking such medications is prohibited.


Given the severity and danger of diseases of the human cardiovascular system and the importance of the presence of blood in a proper fluid state, the role of blood thinners is extremely important. We strongly recommend that you pay attention to products that have a diluting effect. And if your doctor has prescribed you a blood thinning medication, it is important to follow the correct dosage and rules of administration. In case of unexpected problems with self-health, you should immediately contact your doctor.

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