Why Hair Transplants are Better Now than They Were 10 Years Ago


There are a score of different hair loss treatments out there. So why is getting a Houston hair transplant (or a transplant in any other city) better than the alternatives, such as hair plugs or hair growth shampoo? And if hair transplants are so great, then why isn’t everyone getting them?

There are a number of reasons hair transplants beat other hair treatment methods, hands-down.

But there are also reasons that many people refuse to even think about a transplant. Most of those reasons are based information about outdated hair regrowth technologies–such as the “hair plug”.

The Sad Truth About Hair Plugs

The sad truth is that when many people think of getting hair transplanted, they actually think of an older technology/technique called the “hair plug”. At one time, a hair plug was about as good as it gets. For those who could afford it, a hair plug was considered superior to hair loss shampoo, oils, and droppers full of minoxidil.

But it wasn’t perfect. For one thing, it usually left scars on the back of the head, where the plugs were “harvested”. But that’s not the worst of it.

Sure, anyone who had a plug was happy to have hair, any hair, back on their thinning or bald spots. And there’s a lot to be said for that!

But a lot of the time, the plugged hair just didn’t look natural. Sometimes it looked okay for a little while, then looked less so as time went by. And sometimes it just looked strange from the start.

That’s because each hair plug–basically, a small “chunk” of hair–were taken en masse from one part of the scalp, and transplanted onto another. The result rarely looked natural.

Enter FUE–Follicular Unit Extraction.

FUE is a more modern and high-tech way to approach hair treatments. FUE doesn’t depend on “plugs” of hair. Instead, if focuses on individual hairs and follicles. It extracts from one to four follicles at a time. That means the “donor” section of the scalp is left natural-looking. It also means little to no scarring!

Then, instead of tracts of hair, individual follicles are implanted. This results in a much more natural look and feel to the transplanted hair.

New equipment is coming out all the time, such as the ARTAS (R) Robert Hair Transplant System. This is a technology and technique so advanced, only two providers of Houston hair transplants currently use it! No need to worry about the robot end of things–the entire procure is guided by a surgeon, but with robotic accuracy and precision. So what’s stopping you?

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