Would you be Eligible for EEOICPA Benefits if you were related to the Deceased Employee?


Exposure to radiation, other harmful chemicals or heavy metal could hamper your physical health largely. There have been instances where the employees working in the heavy metal industry have been known to suffer largely due to exposure to heavy metals. The exposure could be fatal depending on the amount of exposure you had undergone. It has been deemed of great importance that you should undergo medical assistance when you have been diagnosed with cancer caused due to radiation or exposure to heavy metals.

It would be pertinent to mention here that undergoing medical treatment for such illnesses could cost you a fortune. However, you should not fret as the energy employees occupational illness compensation program has to offer compensation for the illness or medical condition you had to undergo due to exposure to harmful chemicals or radiation.

Are you eligible to file a claim? You may wonder on the question. If you were having conclusive proof of your employment under the Department of Energy and about your medical condition being diagnosed within five years of your employment under the DOE, you would be eligible for filing the claim and receiving the benefits based on your category. However, you would need to provide adequate proof of your employment and medical records. The important aspect would be to see whether your medical condition falls under the stipulated conditions for receiving medical benefits.

You may wonder if you were eligible for receiving benefits being a family member of the employee. It would be pertinent to mention here that being a family member of the deceased employee eligible to receive compensation under EEOICPA; you would also become eligible after producing conclusive proof of your relationship with the deceased employee. If you were a spouse of the deceased employee, you should provide a marriage certificate and the surviving children would be required to provide a valid birth certificate.

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